Bí quyết lái xe ô tô vững vàng hơn dành cho những người thi bằng lái

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Thi go the car may be be in the following gain of hard of the most type of. No at the booleless when the start of the first bus because of the chiếc xe. Do đó, you need to know the following secret below to be able to be better in the file and to the period will be an easily for you.

1. Gobike small

When new driving, you need to use the vehicle of the engine engine to be large, job height, the vehicle bag sang trọng, Cris tiền. The following chiếc xe có sức mạnh to lớn, fast speed. However with new enough enough driver for processing of the events is too fast.

8 alias for the new drive drive
Do vậy, when the new file, please choose the cars small than one, engine build from 1.0 to 1.4 lít, easy easily with the money cost.

2. Working with thao tác on car

Up any any chiếc xe, you can be do you want with the locations on the vehicle. Operator operation, ga, phanh, requires numbers, brake hand… when car is not running, position for the operation for operation.

Edit the screen, chỉnh sửa, in the mirror, back up for you have the set of any lái, may not set tay and the view quan sát tốt nhất by the mirror.

3. Look biển

Please get your friend view all the route reports on the route, if you don’t want to continue the context for the transaction interfaces.

Sea warning limit mode, illegal skull, illegal stop, marence must be right when have the red lights…, all you need to observable for can not be range.

Don’t bám đuôi những chiếc xe cao cấp như xe khách, xe tải, xe buýt, bạn sẽ mất hết tầm nhìn và quan sát biển.

4. Technical supervalation Mirror

8 alias for the new drive drive

When new driving, they are usually over the comment to the previous that do not forget to follow the mirror. Please look the view you look to the observance 2 on the road and the following ride the following the unexpected occurrences on the two bên hông xe.

Special, when backward, you should not go back or the start out of the window for backward, which you look the view and backward.

5. Note to an distance

Keep distance is most most for the vehicle, đặc biệt là moving switch in the city mold; Please make the way to read way by the way of a way of the way again, thanks one xi-nhan for your own, you can the collection to and stopped before and va chạm.

Feeling and đo the distance distance to the last car and the previous car. Remember it, each car vehicle has different short start section, should be take distance distance to be very required when you take a different bus.

8 alias for the new drive drive

6. Quy tắc nhường đường

When driving car which saw the còi and xi lanh, but you need to be view the view of the view, if an empty space, ign xi nhan and nhường, after which backride the old lane. This operation need to be correct and not a hurry.

7. In tắc nghẽn xuyến loop

Maximum value must be static, slow dãi, go true, true law. Sẵn sàng phanh, đề liên tục, rebived the dead machine. Weight to be not float, not for xe húc on other car …

8. Quay xe

This is the skill được coi là khó nhất với bất kỳ chiếc xe điều khiển nào. With the transport protocol information, the always press the first port, the start on the past line to be quiet to be more than.

Where at the given with the sea report to the path, the beginning, or xi-nhan from early, when apply the last view to be vehicle, from the rating, the view mirror.

There are the following apply of the way to be between line, need to observ and find the location can be start with the effect at the first line.

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